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“I was impressed by the careful attention to detail by Berkeley Stump Grinders. They made sure the lawn wasn't damaged and picked up debris when they were finished.”
- Susan C., Marietta, GA


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Berkeley Stump Grinders, LLC is an independently owned corporation in the state of Georgia. Specializing in North Georgia Stump Grinding and Atlanta Stump Grinding, Berkeley is owned and operated by Scott Hollingsworth, a successful business owner for over 30 years in DOT-regulated industries that require strict adherence to safety.

Having worked in similar industries for years, Scott started Berkeley Stump Grinders in 2013 to help service North Georgia and the Atlanta area, a specialized North Georgia Stump Grinder. Berkeley Stump Grinders is commited to satisfaction, fair pricing, and safety. With these values driving every aspect of the business, you can be assured your job will be completed to your requirements and with your utmost satisfaction in mind.
  • Fully Insured
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Registered with the Secretary of State
  • Licensed by the City of Berkeley Lake

Our History

Scott Hollingsworth started Berkeley Stump Grinders LLC in mid 2013, with quality of work and customer satisfaction in mind. With over 30 years of work in DOT-regulated industries, Scott understands safety and regulations.

The business was named Berkeley Stump Grinders after the city of Berkeley Lake, where the business is licensed. No one in the Atlanta, North Georgia or regional areas are more committed to your satisfaction when it comes to stump grinding and being a quality stump grinder, than Scott Hollingsworth and the team at Berkeley Stump Grinders.

Try us out today and see how we compare to the other guys. We're sure you'll stick with Berkeley for all your stump grinding and tree removal needs.


Who We Are

We are more than just a local business... we're a group of people focused on customer satisfaction, quality of work, safety standards and ultimately the highest quality of Atlanta stump grinding, tree removal, Atlanta stump removal, and North Georgia stump grinding.

Our machines are top of the line and brand new, our people are expertly trained and we meet all qualifications for state and local safety regulations.


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