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We are safe, eco-friendly, fully insured, OSHA Compliant, and provide high quality & prompt service.

Berkeley Stump Grinders

Stump Grinding Services – Salient Aspects

Berkeley Stump Grinders provides the best solution for Atlanta stump grinding and Atlanta stump removal in residential and commercial markets. We offer prompt service, guaranteed pricing, and safe operation on your property. We are environment- friendly, turning your stumps into mulch and using equipment that meets all current environmental codes.

About Atlanta Stump Grinding

We have a self-propelled, portable stump grinder that has rubber tracks, thereby alleviating a truck in your yard. Berkeley Stump Grinders has worked on golf courses, swimming pool areas, and HOAs. We work in hard to reach areas.

Berkeley Stump Grinders
Berkeley Stump Grinders

Our Service is Professional & Time-bound

Berkeley Stump Grinders specializes in stumps. Because of this, we can complete your job quickly and professionally. We do not remove trees or perform lawn services. We do, however, contract for several tree service companies and are happy to provide a recommendation.

Berkeley Stump Grinders

Number One Source for Atlanta Stump Grinding

Berkeley Stump Grinders is the number one source for Atlanta stump grinding. We are here to help you with your Atlanta stump grinding project, no matter how large or how small that stump grinding project may be.

Fully Insured & Osha Compliant

We are fully insured and OSHA Compliant, providing you with the best Atlanta stump grinding in the Atlanta and North Georgia areas. We are here for you - the customer is first. Just a few things that make us the number one source for Atlanta stump grinding in the area.

We are

  • Registered with the Secretary of State of Georgia
  • Licensed by the City of Berkeley Lake